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Facebook statuses for mans

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Shout out to the girls who friendzone all the good guys and date all the assholes then complain about being treated like shit.
Status By: anonymous
It`s literally impossible for a man to walk by a pull-up bar without attempting to do one and saying "I`m so outta shape bro."
Status By: anonymous
A woman who has no idea how hot she is, is so hot.
Status By: anonymous
How to get friendzoned : 1. Be nice. 2. The end.
Status By: anonymous
When a girl says "no," a guy hears it as "try again tomorrow."
Status By: anonymous
Those awesome random fights between Peter Griffin and that big-ass chicken.
Status By: anonymous
Remember straight guys need to hear they’re pretty sometimes too.
Status By: anonymous
Shout out to all the girls who don`t have to dress half naked to get a mans attention.

Stay classy!

And the rest of you come with me.
Status By: anonymous
Ways to tell a woman`s mad at you:
- She`s silent.
- She`s yelling.
- She acts the same.
- She acts different.
Status By: anonymous
How to get friendzoned :
1. Be nice.
2. The end.
Status By: anonymous

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