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Facebook statuses for mans

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Girls, the "Prince charming" thing doesn`t exist. Settle for the guy who knows the difference between "You`re" and "Your". Your welcome.
Status By: anonymous
Ladies, they`re called scents, not flavors. I shouldn`t be able to taste your perfume.
Status By: anonymous
Research shows that in 100% of cases, when someone says "Oh no she didn`t!", she in fact, did.
Status By: anonymous
First thing a girl says when it rains:

Status By: anonymous
Men say women should come with instructions..but what`s the point of that? Have you ever seen a man actually read the instructions?
Status By: anonymous
For every male action, there is a female
Status By: Hassan
Being single because you can`t find anyone who`s more amazing than you..
Status By: anonymous
Why you single? Because my girl is playing hide and seek and won`t show herself.!!!!
Status By: Kuel
Ladies, just because its designer, doesn`t mean it looks good on you.
Status By: anonymous
Dear Girls, please bring your own jacket, we get cold too. Sincerely, all Boyfriends
Status By: anonymous

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