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Me & my boyfriend... We are a couple... A couple is two
Status By: anonymous
Finals week
Finahs hweek
Fichas heseedk
Richas husbedk
Richs husbandk
Rich husband
Status By: anonymous
No girl wants to be with a guy that can`t let other girls know he`s taken.
Status By: anonymous
can boys like stop having skinner legs than me?
Status By: anonymous
Sparkly nail polish is so deceiving. It looks pretty when it`s on but dear god you basically need sandpaper to remove it.
Status By: anonymous
Me at Victoria`s Secret:
"LOOK it sparkles!"
"Too expensive"
"But its on SALE"
"Omg smell this"
"I love this color"
"Can I buy everything?"
Status By: anonymous
If wearing leggings as pants is wrong, I don`t want to be right.
Status By: anonymous
“can I play with your hair?” is basically a marriage proposal GOD YES YOU CAN PLAY WITH MY HAIR
Status By: anonymous
Zac Efron and Dave Franco being in a movie together is the best thing to happen to this world.
Status By: anonymous
I think when guys send paragraphs to a girl when they know she`s sleeping is adorable.
Status By: anonymous

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