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Facebook statuses for womans

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care too little... you`ll lose them
care too much... you`ll get hurt
Status By: anonymous
I don`t need a perfect relationship. I just need someone who is loyal.
Status By: anonymous
Bitch just because you have a Instagram don`t make you a model
Status By: anonymous
Girls like if : Boys are nice until their friends show up.
Status By: anonymous
if Zac Efron did a kissing booth for charity we could end world hunger.
Status By: anonymous
7 reasons to date a British boys
1. His accent
2. His accent
3. His accent
4. His accent
5. His accent
6. His accent
7. and oh his accent
Status By: anonymous
Him: "Are you still mad at me?"
Her: "No."
Him: "You sure?"
Her: " Yes. I was never mad at you."
Him: "So what were you?"
Her: "Hurt."
Status By: anonymous
shopping for clothes would be a lot more fun if i had a thinner body and a fatter wallet
Status By: anonymous
why is it that like 99.9% of girls look thin and cute in over sized shirts but i look like a beanbag.
Status By: anonymous
Having long hair is the most annoying and wonderful thing ever.
Status By: anonymous

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